what is microflora?

Microflora:  [mi´kro-flor″ah] The constellation of microorganisms which are found on or in, or characteristic of, a special location of a host organism or the environment.


compost Alive with beneficial microorganisms

Microflora compost is alive with microorganisms.

Microorganisms play an essential role in composting and soil fertility. When added to a garden, the microorganisms consume the waste that plant roots slough off. The waste that the microorganisms leave behind is ready fertilizer for the plants.

There is never a need to add fertilizer to plants nourished with Microflora compost. The microorganisms provide nourishment directly to the roots.

Compost is inoculated with EM1 (Effective Microorganisms) . Soldier fly larvae and red wriggler worms further devour decomposing matter rapidly, creating a super garden fertilizer. It is essentially probiotics for your garden.


Why compost with microflora?

  1. Your biodegradable waste is not only diverted from the landfill, but is used to make top-notch compost.

  2. As a member, you will receive biannual shares of compost.

  3. The compost is alive with beneficial microorganisms. Adding it to your garden and landscape will rebuild your soil life and invigorate your plants.

  4. You will reduce your waste by over 1/3, and your trashcans will never stink again.

  5. By supporting green businesses, you vote with your wallet and illustrate that there is a bright future for the green economy.