what is microflora?

Microflora:  [mi´kro-flor″ah] The constellation of microorganisms which are found on or in, or characteristic of, a special location of a host organism or the environment.


compost that is biologically diverse with beneficial micororganisms

Our compost is biologically rich with living organisms. Microorganisms play an essential role in composting and soil fertility. We inoculate our compost piles with EM1 (Effective Microorganisms) and use red wriggler worms and soldier fly larvae for compost that breaks down quickly into a super garden fertilizer. It is essentially probiotics for your garden.

Why compost with microflora?

Your biodegradable waste is not only diverted from the landfill, but is used to make top-notch compost that is shared throughout our community.

As a member, you will receive a share of the compost back in the spring to use as fertilizer in your own garden.

In addition to sharing compost back with our members, the compost is used to plant pollinator gardens on our home site and throughout our community. We also use our compost to make pollinator seed bombs with local kids, sharing our own passion for gardening and composting.

As Microflora Gardens continues to grow, we hope to build and manage more compost sites throughout the community, on farms and at community and educational gardens, putting compost operations directly in the spaces where it will be used.