Hi, i'm Marianne Maschal, founder of Microflora garden co.…

Composting is not only nature's way of recycling. Composting is an essential tool that nature is providing us to help combat climate change and global waste. We must embrace it now.

I’m a mom and a gardener. Having children changed the way I see the world. I want the best for them, and I will not accept to sit by and idly watch climate change continue to wreak havoc on our planet. As grown-ups, It is our number one responsibility right now to make sure that we do everything we can to leave this world comfortably inhabitable for our children and their children, and we have no time to waste.

As a mom, I also struggle with balancing quality time spent with my children with working. I started Microflora Gardens as a way to contribute to my community and strike balance in my personal life.

15 years ago, I backpacked Europe on a solo-expedition right out of college. I saw how little waste other parts of the world produced in comparison to in America, and I wanted to change my personal habits.

When I returned home I made myself a little compost pile in the back yard of my rental house. Curiosity transformed to fascination as I witnessed biology in action- my food waste breaking down into earth. I ended up with so much compost I had to start planting tomato plants, and I never stopped planting.

I continue to teach myself, and let the process of composting teach me. Watching the cycle of life in the compost heap is the most connected that I have ever felt to nature and to the world around me.

Compost is the foundation of my gardening, and I want to be part of growing the movement, diverting as much of our community’s organic matter away from the landfill and back into the soil where it is needed.