Hi, i'm Marianne Maschal, founder of Microflora garden co.…

Before deciding to stay home with my two children, I was the Garden Program Specialist at Marbles Kids Museum. I have worked with educating children in garden settings for 10 years now, first with Quite Contrary Farm (my own afterschool in Carrboro, circa 2008), then with Marbles Kids Museum and last summer, 1870 Farm. 

For the last 2.5 years I've been staying home and being a full time caregiver for 2 wild boys. We play in the garden, romp in the woods and we compost with our pet worms.

I come from a long line of women in my family who gardened, preserved and wasted very little. My grandmothers and great aunts all had yards that dripped with fruit trees, vegetable gardens and strawberries that spilled over retaining walls. 

A backpacking trip to Europe 15 years ago ignited my fascination with composting. I toured gardens and saw composting systems set up in the center of bustling cities.

Upon returning home I immediately set up my own compost bin and got to work. As I became engaged in composting I came to see the world in all of its wholeness: life giving way to death, decomposition, and becoming material to make life again, and all of this happening while microscopic lifeforms create community in what is no longer living.

I believe that composting is not only nature's way of recycling, but that the experiment of it has the potential to solve some of our global waste problems. Compost is the foundation of my gardening, and I want to be part of growing the movement, diverting as much of our organic matter away from the landfill and back into the soil where it is needed.