Hi, i'm Marianne Maschal.

I didn’t set out to pick up other peoples’ garbage.

Last summer people in my community were looking for a compost pick-up service. The idea popped in my head to fill the need for this service and start a business overnight.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, former farmer and garden educator, avid composter and graphic designer. I live on several acres of rural forested land in Chatham. It has taken me years to start a garden in our only sunny spot, up on Jack Bennett Rd.

From 2011-2014 my husband and I lived in Siler City and farmed as tenants. After having our first child, it became apparent that it was not an ideal situation for us, and we decided to liquidate our farm items and start fresh. It was painful and we both made a decision that farming wasn’t the best thing for our family. What I took with me after years of farming were the lessons that the earth and plants taught me.

After walking away from our farm life, I became the Garden Programmer and Design Specialist at Marbles Kids Museum. I had a second child and decided to stay home and freelance design work, which I still do.

What I have discovered living here is that there is such a thing as forest gardening, and composting goes hand-in-hand with that.

Composting is kind of like microgardening. Tiny amazing things are growing and consuming and the end product is fine and fluffy soil.