Hi, i'm Marianne Maschal, founder of Microflora garden co.…

Composting is an essential process that nature provides us for recycling our waste.

15 years ago, I backpacked Europe on a solo-expedition right out of college. I saw how little waste other parts of the world produced in comparison in America, and I wanted to change my personal habits.

When I returned home I made myself a little compost pile in the back yard of my rental house. Curiosity transformed to fascination as I witnessed biology in action- my food waste breaking down into earth. I ended up with so much compost I had to start planting tomato plants, and I never stopped planting.

I continue to teach myself, and let the process of composting teach me.

Compost is the foundation of my gardening, and I want to be part of growing the movement, diverting as much of our community’s organic matter away from the landfill and back into regenerating the soil.