Hi, i'm Marianne Maschal.

I didn’t set out to pick up other peoples’ garbage.

Last summer people in my community were looking for a compost pick-up service. I decided to fill the need and start collecting food scraps and composting them on my land.

I’m a on-the-go mom, former farmer and garden educator, avid composter and a designer. I live on several acres of rural forested land in Chatham. My passion is gardening although it has taken me years to start a garden in our only sunny spot, up on Jack Bennett Rd.

From 2011-2014 my husband and I farmed in Siler City, NC. After having our first child, it became apparent that farming wasn’t ideal for our family.

After walking away from our farm life, I became the Garden Programmer and Design Specialist at Marbles Kids Museum. I had a second child and decided to stay home and freelance design work, which I still do.

What I have discovered living here is that there is such a thing as forest gardening, and composting goes hand-in-hand with that.