designing and planting landscapes for pollinators and people to enjoy. 


every yard is an opportunity to save our planet's pollinators.


growing methods

 I design landscapes that include native flowering plants that bloom throughout the year. While I focus mostly on natives, I also include non-natives that are non-invasive to add texture, blooms and contrast, and I always love an opportunity to plant fruit and vegetable gardens.

My background in nature play and education gives me the additional specialization of designing gardens that integrate play.

I use organic growing practices that are safe for all the creatures that inhabit a garden.


Gardening Services

My gardening services include:

  • Garden Design and Installation
  • Gardening with Kids
  • Designing and Installing Community and School Gardens
  • Vegetable Garden Installation
  • Certified Wildlife Habitats
  • Pond Design and Installation
  • Poison-Free Poison Ivy Removal


Gardening from the ground up

Before embarking on any plantings I put energy into working the soil. Not just my energy but also the energy of biologically diverse living compost. I've been making compost for 15 years and have worked to inoculate it with beneficial microorganisms and populate it with hungry red wriggler worms. I'm always looking to grow and share my compost piles. 


Please send a message if you are interested in designing a garden

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