Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can I compost?
A. I have compiled a list of acceptable compostable items on my blog. Basically any packaging that says it's compostable and anything that came from a plant is good with me.

2. Do you offer a biweekly option for this service?
A: I prefer to pick-up every week to minimize opportunities for anaerobic bacteria to grow in the buckets (and end up in our worm stream). All buckets are sanitized each week.

3. What do you do with the compost?
A. Right now my goal is to increase compost production and contribute it to worthwhile gardening projects. I use our own compost in  free gardening events that we host throughout the community. I also use our compost in our seed garden and in the gardens that we help plant in the community. I plan to start sharing compost back with our members in the spring of 2019.

4. I want to learn to compost, but can't do it right now. Can you help me learn?
A. Absolutely! I have been composting for 15 years and am happy to share what I have learned, Feel free to send me any questions! I'm happy to help anyone learn how to compost.

5. Can you compost meat?
A. Yes, but it is tricky. I keep it out of our worm piles and compost meat in a separate, very hot pile. The compost from the hot pile is eventually moved to worm piles once it has been pretty thoroughly broken down.

6. Can you compost pizza boxes?
Yes, and I love to use them as the base layer in my compost system! My worms love to hide in the cool, dark cardboard gaps. Just leave them on top of your bucket for me and I will pick them up.

7. Doesn't compost get stinky?
A. Not when it is balanced correctly. Anaerobic bacteria is usually the cause of a foul smell. Balance is the key! If your compost is stinky you probably have too much green in proportion to brown (more on this soon), and should try adding brown leaves, wood chips or newspaper to balance it out. 

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