compost your Party


throw down. not out.

Why compost your event?

Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, church potlucks: these are the events at which we gather with our friends and loved ones and make memories. They are also times when we make a lot of waste. When you have a party, you need your focus to be on living in the moment and making your memories. 

With all of the options in disposable ware it is now easier than ever to compost your whole party, but when the event rolls around no one has time to manage the separation of the compost from the trash and recycling, not to mention actually getting the compostables to a compost pile.

We offer affordable rates to handle all of the composting for you.

how to compost your party

  1. Register your event with us.

  2. Purchase compostable plates, cups and utensils for your party. We can help guide you.

  3. We will bring you compost bins and signage 1-2 days prior to your party.

  4. We will come pick everything up the day after your party.


Our current rates for composting parties are outlined below:

Small Gatherings, up to 25 guests, 2 stations set up. $25
Medium Gatherings, 25-50 guests, 3 stations set up $35
Large Gatherings, 50-100 guests, 4 stations set up $50
Super Throwdowns, 100-200 guests, 6 stations set up $60